Dad’s Mini Van

In less than 4 minutes you can see exactly what makes a DAD tick. If you know a Dad, have a Dad, or have ever met a Dad pass it on to him. It will make his day!

Guy Cheerleaders

This is one of my favorite bits of all time! It is one of those that everyone I have ever talked to was THINKING IT but no one ever actually said it out loud. Either afraid it would stop or the guys would get busted but it is just slap funny to see.

Men’s Bathroom Rule

As men we do NOT like to talk about it but this is SOOOOOOOooooooo TRUE! Once we realize it is what really happens and can admit it then life just gets more peaceful. We are not weird we are the SIMPLE gender…

Women Speak In Code

This is one of the most enjoyable observations of my life. Seeing something women DO on a regular basis but have NO IDEA they are doing it! One of the few ways men are actually superior to women. Or, just plain too simple to realize it. One or the other…

Kidd Kenn

Kidd Kenn
What a good looking kid! What happened? This is me, Comedian Kenn Kington, when I was Kenny the handsome 3-year-old stud dog! Now I am married, funny, and milking my family for comedy material. Who would have guessed? With those looks, I was destined to be a family-friendly comedian! The ears are a little funny to look at but I would later over-compensate with HUGE hair to cover them. I certainly peaked early from a beauty perspective.